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How does Renting through Simple Living work?

Simple Living offers 6 ½, 10, or 13-month leasing terms. We also have a 90 day same as cash option when a contract is paid in full during the first 90 days. There is the flexibility of early contract buy outs saving you 35% of your remaining balance (after the first 90 days) when your contract is paid off early. We set up payment plans to match days which are most convenient for your budget.  

Do you have a minimum renting time?

Yes, our minimum rental period is 10 weeks. After that time, you can return the merchandise or trade it out for something new with no additional rental payments needed on the returned item*.

*Additional fees may apply if returned item is damaged or a pickup is needed for the returned items. 

What if I want to pay off an item early?

We have our 90-day cash price option, so if you pay off your item in the first three months there are no leasing costs. If it goes past the 90-days, you can always buy out early and save 35% of your remaining balance.

What if I have to make a late payment?

There will be a late fee assessed on your payment.  We want to do everything we can to make your payment plan work for you.  If you can’t make your payment on the due date call your local store ahead of time and we can move your due date around temporarily to best suit you.


What if I can’t make it into the store to make a payment?

We understand that you lead a busy life, so we have several options to make it convenient while keeping it simple: You can make a payment on our website by going to the Online Bill Pay screen at www.simplelivingrto.com. You can text us on our automated system to post a payment to your account. We also have an option for recurring payments to be automatically paid on your due date, you can cancel or change these recurring payments at any time.

What if I need to return an item or I can no longer make my payments?

You can return your items at any time after the 10-week minimum has been met for no additional rental payments*. If you need a couple months to get back on track you can temporarily return your items and we will hold them for up to 2 months.  Once you get back on track we will start right where you left off so you don’t lose any time or money.  We understand sometimes things happen that are out of our control and at Simple Living we are here to make sure you have the flexibility and freedom you need.

*Additional fees may apply if returned item is damaged or a pickup is needed for the returned items. 

Do you offer a bonus incentive for referring people?

Yes! Once a new agreement has been signed and delivered for the referred party, both you and your friend will get $25 off of your first/next payment.

What happens if something stops working while I’m renting it?

Please call us as soon as possible and we will go about fixing the issue.  If due to a manufacture defect we will fix it at no additional charge while the rental agreement is still active.  

Do you have previously rented products available?

Yes, we carry previously rented “Like New” furniture that goes through a cleaning process and safety inspection. These products have a tag with a blue banner at the top and are marked down on a 10-month leasing period so you can save money and own it sooner.